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We tried and made the process of renting a car comfortable and enjoyable. You will be satisfied with every moment spent in our car. Our well-groomed, stylish and VIP cars with the driver are ideal for business trips, business negotiations and other occasions when the size and appearance of the car really matter.
In cooperation with “Auto-Arenda” together with car rental we provide an experienced driver who has been trained for extreme driving, who perfectly knows Kiev and all adjacent regions. He can drive you to any place in Kiev and even the country in minutes / hours – you always have time for an important meeting or event. At the same time, we guarantee you the maximum safety and comfort that every customer will appreciate.
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Rent a car with a driver – a comfortable service for trips around Kiev

In modern cities, the frantic pace of life and time is an incredibly valuable resource. It is not always possible to succeed everywhere, especially when there is no personal vehicle available. A rational solution to this problem is renting a car with a driver.

Why rent a car with a driver better than a taxi service?

Car rental allows you to maximally manage your own time. In this case, there is no need to wait for the taxi manager to find the nearest vehicle to you, as long as it reaches you. In addition, it is possible that there will not be a free car nearby and you will either have to wait until they are free or call other services.

If the day promises to be full of travel, the constant call of a taxi threatens a regular delay, which negatively affects the image of a business person. And though the machine with checkers will cost much less, the cost of renting a car with a driver due to high-quality service and comfort will pay off by 100%.

Advantages of renting a car in Kiev and the Kiev region

Motorists know that cities have a local traffic rules. And Kiev is no exception. When I come to the capital, I do not want to study the nuances of the city movement, stray along the streets, and be distracted by a navigator or a map. It also takes time to adjust to the iron horse, because each model has its own characteristics. For these reasons, many people prefer to book a car rental with a driver in specialized companies. In the state of similar firms, well-groomed vehicles and experienced motorists, who know the city thoroughly.

Rent a car with a driver in Kiev – hands free and no stress

Driving requires constant concentration, especially in Kiev where there is active traffic. The need to spend a long time behind the wheel risks turning into stress. The recently requested service hourly rental car with a driver in Kiev will help to avoid unpleasant emotions, will allow you to spend time on the road with profit, for example, for making business calls or studying documents.

Ability to emphasize your status with the help of a prestigious VIP car

As you know, “meet on clothes.” A solid business-class car, a VIP car with a driver can be a weighty argument when holding meetings at a high level. Arriving at a business meeting on an expensive luxury car, you will add a dozen points to your own image of a solid business person. Our company has its own fleet and a large selection of luxury cars, as well as executive cars for rent with a VIP class driver.

In Europe, it is considered a bad taste to throw out huge money on prestigious cars, which are then idle in the garage, being used occasionally. Europeans prefer to book car rentals hour by hour, for business trips and business trips that are irregular. In addition, depending on the situation, you can choose a new model each time.

Choosing a car service with a driver, there is no need to monitor the technical condition of transport, because this is the task of the company that provides rental services. The specialists of the firm timely conduct maintenance, monitor the insurance, the level of gasoline, etc. And so you can not be afraid that the machine will break down at the most inopportune moment. The driver will take full control of the state of the car, relieving you of any troubles and worries.

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