Rent an armored car

Rent an armored car – guarantee safe transportation

Every day there is an increase in the growth of crime, so successful and wealthy people are increasingly paying attention to safety, focusing on the effectiveness of the funds used. Armored car is not an insurance contract, but it is an essential element of personal protection built into the general system of threat prevention.

Buying such a car is an extremely troublesome business, and transporting it to cities or countries after a traveling businessman, diplomat or politician is even more problematic. That’s why status-holders use the services of armored car hire.

In what situations might it be necessary to rent an armored car?

Typically, an armored vehicle may be needed for:

  • transportation of VIP persons and other persons in need of enhanced protection;
  • transportation of securities, secret developments, antiques, art, etc .;
  • collection of precious metals, cash and other tangible assets.

Mercedes Benz armored car hire – the highest level of comfort and safety

Among the large assortment of different models of this segment, the most popular is renting an armored Mercedes Benz. This is because, with a high level of security, this model has all the attributes of a representative transport: comfortable leather seats, a leather interior trimmed with leather, inserts made of natural wood, an advanced audio system, etc.

When booking serial cars, manufacturers try to maintain an acceptable load capacity and driving performance. To do this, engineers modernize the brakes, steering, suspension and equip the car with larger tires, which even with penetration can travel up to 30 kilometers. Thanks to this, with a sufficiently high-quality reservation, it is possible to bring Mercedes Benz S-GUARD to the same level as usual non-armored models.

In the case of an armored car, it is better to give priority to renting an armored vehicle with a driver. This is because such cars are still heavier than conventional models and require special skills to manage them.

The company Auto-Arenda at an affordable cost will provide you with personal safety and promptly submit the desired transport to the place you need.