Cadillac Escalade white

Price per hour
700 UAH /Hour 1 hour - car supply *
Price per day
7000 UAH /day for 10 hours
2100 UAH 2000 UAH - Zhulyany
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White Cadillac Escalade Rental

A chic and comfortable car Cadillac Escalade, in a classic white wedding color, will emphasize the status of your wedding. You have the opportunity to take it on an hourly lease, for example, to a photo shoot, or on a day-long one, so that a whole festive day can go by all the wedding needs. At your service will be a driver who will take you to anywhere in the city, and even beyond the city. You can decorate this car in any style, because it will suit everything from minimalism to splendor. Especially worthy of attention is the chic leather large and comfortable interior.

This car, you can take for trips to important meetings with partners, since it refers to auto business class. Stylish, bright and comfortable Cadillac Escalade will emphasize your status and position, as well as present you in a business style in front of partners. Use the rental service of this car for the necessary time: from 1 to 10 hours, and also you can order a transfer from one point to another. Making the car takes a few minutes, so as not to waste time, which usually does not. You can order a vehicle only by filling in the short order form on our website.

You can use the service of renting an SUV for comfortable and quick movement to any desired point of the city, as well as beyond it. If you have a long way to go with bad roads, then the Cadillac Escalade will make your travel as convenient and fast as possible, even in difficult winter weather conditions. Agree, moving is much more convenient and pleasant, if you do it on a posh white SUV. We offer you the services of an hourly rental car, or for the whole day (up to 10 hours): it all depends on your needs. To order a car, contact our managers and discuss all the terms of the lease.