Mercedes-Benz S-Class W222

Price per hour
999 UAH /Hour +1 hour for car delivery *
Price per day
250$ /day when ordering for 1-3 days
220 $ / Day when ordering for 4-7 days
200 $ / Day when ordering for 8-14 days
180 $ / Day when ordering 15+ days
3000 $ - Deposit amount
2900 UAH 2900 UAH - Zhulyany
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Rental with driver Mercedes W222

Rent Mercedes-Benz S-klass W222 without driver is available from us at a price of $ 500 per day. You can also book this car in advance for a specific time and day. On our vehicle, you can produce exactly the impression that people around you expect of you. The car can meet you at the airport, if you want to travel with convenience, as while taking a taxi all the time, or buying a car does not make sense. Rent a car C-class without a driver will be a good solution for you, if you only a few days arrived in Kiev, but without a car, and do not want to drive you a stranger.

A car for leaders and people who respect comfort. Only here you can rent a Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 in Kiev for a reduced price. Only 999 UAH / hour, and you will feel real presidential comfort. With Mercedes of this class is not capable of comparing none of the famous brands of cars – gray leather interior, reinforced suspension, additional airbags. For special customers, the seats are adjustable and the headrests are soft. In this machine virtually everything is provided. Any event in which this Mercedes will take part is simply doomed to success.

This car is available for rent with our driver for any period of time. Rent Mercedes Benz S-class W222 can be carried out at any time of the day, both hourly and all day (10 hours). Renting a Mercedes is an opportunity to get closer to the world of business and expensive life, and perhaps even become a part of the beau monde.
If you appreciate beautiful and expensive cars – feel free to choose this transport from Mercedes concern. Comfort and comfort for you is provided unequivocally. Any road will pass unnoticed, watching interesting programs on the tablet or reading, while the driver will take you to the specified addresses.

In addition, the service is available – a transfer from the airport Borispol to anywhere in the city and back. On such a car you will never be late for a plane or an important meeting. Any distance is not an obstacle for Mercedes Benz S-klass W222. This transport is a premium class, equipped with all the necessary accessories for comfortable movement around the city and beyond its side. Leather interior, heated seats and enough space to conveniently position your body – all for quality rest during the trip by transfer.
For business trips and meetings of expensive guests from the airport, you can additionally organize a motorcade of premium cars.