Mercedes-Benz w223 S class

Price per hour
2000 UAH /Hour +1 час на подачу авто * (rental with driver)
Price per day
700$ /day when ordering for 1-3 days Without driver
650 $ / Without driver when ordering for 4-7 days
600 $ / Without driver when ordering for 8-15 days
500 $ / Without driver when ordering for 15-30 days
400 $ / Without driver when ordering for more than 30 days
5000 $ — Security deposit
5600 UAH
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Rent with driver Mercedes-Benz w223 S class

The all-new flagship from the Mercedes-Benz S class
Maximum equipment with a Chauffeur package for the rear passenger.

  • Year of issue: 2021
  • Drive: full
  • Black: color

Is it possible to order a Mercedes W223 without a driver?

Yes you can! The prices for renting a Mercedes 223 without a driver are very flexible. The amount varies depending on the number of days of the rented car. The more days you have a car, the less you pay each day for a rental.

More details can be found by phone: (063) 130 30 01

How to rent a Mercedes S W223 in Kiev

Renting an expensive elite car is an ideal service for those who value time, comfort and do not betray noble traditions. Already online or by phone, you can order a Mercedes W223 rental in Kiev and get comfort, pleasure while driving from this flagship Mercedes. Plan your trip in advance: book a car on the website or by phone for the dates you need.

To rent a Mercedes S W223 in Kiev, you do not need to go to our office – the whole procedure is carried out online.