Answers to frequently asked questions:

What vehicles can be provided by the company?

Our company offers car rental in Kiev of elite class for every taste. For the service of celebrations, corporate visits, negotiations and even ordinary friendly gatherings, the machines of many well-known world manufacturers are provided.

In addition, the company is engaged in the rental of capacious auto-microbuses!

After all, it’s no secret that large-scale merry trips to nature are now widespread. The rental of minibuses can solve many problems associated with organizing a picnic for 6-8 people.

In addition to a large number of seats, minibuses also have a fairly capacious luggage compartment.

What actions does the company take in the event that the selected machine is faulty?

In this situation, the company “Auto Rent” offers the client another car (similar to what was ordered based on the class of the car and the purpose of hire).

What is the "Transfer" service, and on what terms is it provided?

The service “Transfer” (car rental Kiev) can be of two types.
A transfer meeting involves a client meeting at the airport, as well as waiting, but not more than two hours, and delivering it to the first destination.
Transfer-taking takes delivery to the airport from any place.

Can I get a car after hours?

Rent a car in Kiev from the company “Auto Rent” can be ordered by phone every day from 9 to 22 hours. At the same time, the order of the car can be arranged at any time convenient for the client.

In this case, the order is executed after the full amount of money is paid, depending on the expected time of the lease.

If the customer decides to refuse the rented car, he must inform the operator about it two hours before the moment of execution, not later.

Can I drive a leased car outside the region?

Sure you can. And the cost of such trips will be calculated already on an individual basis, and depend on the length of the route. In addition, it must be paid additionally to the total time of renting a car.

At the same time, the minimum order time for cars is 4 hours. If it is necessary to rent for a shorter time, the customer must still pay 4 hours of rental.

In case of renting more than 4 hours, the total cost is calculated taking into account every 30 minutes. additional use of the car.

How is the car rent paid, can I lease it for 2 days, then renew the Contract, and what if I am far from the office at the moment?

Payment for the services of the car for the flight can be made in cash to the driver.

It is understood that the implementation of the order will occur only when the money will be paid in full to the driver directly, if there is such an urgent need.
In addition, the payment for parking lots, entrances, various fees, as well as unforeseen expenses is made directly by the client.
The same applies to cars that are rented for a wedding celebration: decorations and other attributes of the wedding are not included in the price. They need to be paid separately. However, the driver helps in the design of the car and has the right to refuse any decorations in case it can damage the coating or the details of the body of the car.

The contract can be extended, however, for this it is necessary to agree with the employees of the company in advance. If you can not come to the office, you can just call.

What is the minimum order for renting a car for a wedding?

To rent a car for the wedding, the minimum order is 3 hours.