Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY

Price per hour
1500 UAH /Hour + 1 hour auto feed
Price per day
15000 UAH /day for 10 hours
4500 UAH 4500 UAH - Zhulyany
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Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY Rental with driver

In truth, a serious car inspiring at once fear and respect on the road. This Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY was completely redesigned in 2014 under the famous tuning studio of Mr. Mansory.

Modification of this car now, this Mercedes Benz G65 v12 biturbo in the tuning MANSORY – modification Gronos.


  • super comfortable rear seats recessed at 20 cm into the luggage compartment
  • very expensive music
  • maximum de-noise (noise insulation as far as possible in Gelendwagen).

We have the original Mercedes MB G63 mansory.

For our customers, you can rent a Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY without a driver – in case you like to drive yourself a premium car, or you trust only your personal driver-driver. You can order a car in advance – if you arrive / arrive from another city, and you need to travel a lot around the city. So you will know exactly where the transport is waiting for you and that no one will disturb your time of using the facility. Also you can order a car, directly, before the arrival, but only on the condition that the car is not currently rented.

Presentable and chic Mercedes-Benz automotive products are designed for well-known and respected persons. Regular customers already know that it is better to book your car in advance. Also, this transport is very often used to come to important business meetings, as well as events of the premium class. Rent Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY is simply not replaceable for those who like to relax and have a good rest right in the car during the trip.

This car is equipped and stylized with the latest technology and fashion, as a team of experienced stylists and developers has worked on it. All in order for a trip on the Mercedes left in your heart only pleasant memories. For regular customers, a reservation is granted for any of the cars of this brand, including Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY.

Rent a SUV Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY available today. Modern, equipped with the latest style of our time, a salon of clean skin will give comfort and a sense of an expensive atmosphere. A qualitative level of depreciation will ensure convenient travel on any off-road. The car becomes especially relevant if you have a need to go beyond the city limits, where not always there is a quality asphalt covering. For this “cube” there are no impassable roads. It delivers the client in integrity and safety to any place. It can be used for any events, both in the city and in the suburbs.

There is a transfer service from the airport to the city, and back. You do not have to worry about the delivery time, because we perfectly understand that you can be late. So, the driver will arrive on time on time and without delays, even taking into account traffic jams and pulling on difficult sections of the road.
In this case, all the features of the SUV from the Mercedes concern on the spot, in this car they qualitatively justify their name – the vehicle perfectly keeps the road, smoothly performs any maneuvers. Transfer MANSORY – an opportunity to show the whole city its belonging to the premium class in everything.