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Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vip+

Designed for 10 passengers
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Mercedes-Benz V-class

Рассчитан на 6 пассажиров
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Mercedes Benz GL350d 4matic 2016

Designed for 6 passengers
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Rent a Mercedes with a driver in Kiev

Mercedes cars do not need any advertising. It is unlikely that there will be a person who has not heard about this brand. The auto concern Daimler AG, which owns the Mercedes brand, earned its reputation as a reliable, technologically advanced automaker for over a hundred years. The company is a leader in the model range. The site of the company Auto-Arenda presents the most versatile and popular models for hire, for example Mercedes-Benz S-class.

Mercedes – the choice of those who want to get from the car maximum comfort

Technical features and the representative look of Mercedes cars are being improved with each new model released. Such a car captures to itself views, that’s why Mercedes rental is a demanded service for weddings, business negotiations, meetings of VIPs, etc. important events that require a high-status car. Machines of this brand can rightfully be called royal for a combination of impeccable style and ferocious power.

Why rent a Mercedes, not cars of other brands?

What distinguishes Mercedes cars from their main rivals Audi and BMW, and makes a Mercedes rental in Kiev such a popular service today?

The Stuttgart automaker is able to offer its customers:

  • internal and external finishing with materials of the highest quality
  • smooth operation of all systems
  • comfort and safety
  • high performance and excellent dynamics.

These and other qualities turn Mercedes cars into representative transport, emphasizing the taste of their owner, his social status and the choice in favor of safety and quality.

These cars themselves are an indicator of their owner’s prosperity, and renting a Mercedes with a driver will further emphasize your status. So you can, without being distracted by the road, relax on a trip and discuss with the business partners the terms of the next profitable deal.

The most popular in the rental Mercedes with a driver

In the striking variety of the company’s lineup there are models for every taste and for any event. The most popular among motorists is the E-class. Excellent overview, comfortable seats, panoramic roof: the management of the Mercedes Benz W221 S-class delivers a real pleasure. Separately, it should be noted ride comfort, which is particularly achieved through adaptive shock absorbers, absorbing any irregularities on the road. The steering wheel is responsive and allows the car to maneuver deftly in a dense traffic flow.

A Mercedes-Benz S Class W222 rental is no less popular. This model is one of the leaders in terms of comfort and safety. Particularly noteworthy is the ergonomic interior: lacquered wood finish, pliable plastic, polished aluminum, armchairs with advanced side support, a sophisticated active contour and a wide range of adjustments. Everything in the interior is evidence of luxury and style.

Another trump card in the sleeve of this brand in favor of the decision to rent a Mercedes in Kiev are security systems and various electronic assistants. A modern approach to managing a multimedia complex allows you to not be distracted from the road and at the same time manage all its main functions.

The company Auto-Arenda also offers a comfortable and roomy SUV Mercedes Benz G 63 AMG MANSORY, which is ideal for out-of-town trips.

If we talk about the cost of renting a Mercedes, we can safely note the democratic price policy of the company. This allows almost everyone to experience all the advantages of a representative car and fully appreciate the high level of the service provided.