Select a car for a transfer in Kiev to / from the airport, outside the city

Transfer Kiev-Borispol – travel with comfort and good mood

Boryspil Airport is the leader in Ukraine by the flow of passengers, the number of airlines, routes and flights. There are a number of options, how to get to the airport Borispol on different transport. The appropriate one is chosen taking into account the following parameters:

  • security;
  • comfort level;
  • the cost.

In the case of airports and train stations, you can add speed to these basic criteria. And this notion includes not only the speed on the road, but also the time for processing the application and transport.

Marshrutki and private taxis are not able to fully comply with the above parameters. The first does not drive directly under the house, does not provide a clean interior and trunk, and in the case of a taxi, you can not be 100 percent confident in the courtesy and professionalism of the driver. In contrast to the transfer ordered in companies specializing in the provision of similar services.

Transfer service Kiev Boryspil – guarantee of timely arrival

At business people every minute is painted. Plans can collapse because of a banal delay on the plane or unforeseen delays. That is why it is so important to order a transfer in specialized companies. Employees of these companies fully realize how important it is for customers to be on time, that is why they make every effort to ensure that the duration of the trip is minimal and the trip itself is as comfortable as possible. The drivers are well acquainted with the traffic in the city, thoroughly studied the possible traffic junctions and try to avoid places where traffic jams are most often formed. As a result, the transfer Kiev Boryspil takes 20-90 minutes (depending on the point of departure in the capital).

There are four terminals at the airport Borispol. Annually in the sum they pass more than eight million passengers. In turmoil, it is very easy to get lost even to an experienced traveler. It is very convenient that the transfer is carried out in any of the existing terminals. If desired, the driver can meet a guest with a sign, which greatly simplifies the search, and minimizes the risk of getting lost in the crowd.

Pre-order is the most useful transfer service Borispol Kiev

Often the fear of being late becomes so strong that some people are even afraid to sleep. They are afraid that in the morning there will be no free cars. The pre-order service is a guarantee of timely delivery of the machine. Having specified the desired date and time, the customer is sure not only that he will get to the airport on time, but also will get acquainted with the cost of the trip in advance. Receiving from the managers of the company information how to order a transfer from Kiev to Borispol, ask how long it takes to leave, so that even in case of force majeure in the form of traffic jams you should be able to get in time.

Advantages of transfer Kiev Borispol

  • car delivery to the desired location
  • Pre-order
  • availability of all necessary documentation for the driver
  • An empty trunk
  • A clean, not smoked salon

Choosing a car for a transfer – Auto-Arenda recommendations

In the case when you need to meet important business partners at the airport, what kind of car ordering is extremely urgent. In this situation, the car should not only be comfortable, but also a prestigious brand.

If the arrival / departure of a group of people is expected, it is more expedient to choose not a few cars, but one minibus for the transfer. Depending on the budget and objectives, this can be a simple option, for example, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and the elite Mercedes Benz Sprinter Vip +.

Incredibly surprised soul mate or other important guest served to the terminal limousine. Having fallen from the stuffy airport to the comfortable lounge, with the drinks cooled in the bar, a person will appreciate the attention paid to him.

Booking a transfer to Kiev or to Borispol airport, there is no need to worry about technical issues, and the trip time flies by unnoticed. At the same time, the cost of the transfer will be no more than a premium-class taxi called by the phone.

How to order a transfer in Kiev and Kiev region?

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You can order transfer in several ways:
1) Leave a request through the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible
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