Rent a limousine

Rent a limousine


Mercedes Benz w221

Designed for 10 passengers
The length of the limousine is 9.5 m
1150-1250 UAH/ HourView Details

Lincoln Town Car

Designed for 8 + 1 passengers
The length of the limousine is 8.5 m
700 - 800 UAH/ HourView Details

Lamborghini Reventon

Designed for 7 passengers
The length of the limousine is 9.5 m
1800 - 1900 UAH/ HourView Details

Infinity QX56

Designed for 13 passengers
The length of the limousine is 10 m
1200-1300 UAH/ HourView Details

Hummer Mega H2

Designed for 8 passengers
The length of the limousine is 8.5 m
UAH 1900-2100/ HourView Details

Hummer H2

Designed for 14 passengers
The length of the limousine is 10 m.
1300-1400 UAH/ HourView Details

Excalibur Phantom

Designed for 8 passengers
The length of the limousine is 9 m.
1150 UAH/ HourView Details

Crysler 300c long

Designed for 10 passengers
Length of limousine - 9,5 m
1150 - 1250 UAH/ HourView Details

Chrysler 300c black

Designed for 8 passengers
The length of the limousine is 8.5 m
1000 UAH/ HourView Details

Chrysler 300C White

Designed for 9 passengers
The length of the limousine is 9.5 m
900 - 950 UAH/ HourView Details

Rent a limousine in Kiev – a car for special occasions

Wedding, anniversaries, graduation and other major celebrations are not every day. Celebratory events like to make unique and unforgettable. Make a good impression, create a fabulous mood will help hire a limousine.

For which events does limo hire in Kiev?

Limousine – an explosive mix of a luxury car, a bar and a club, it is rented for completely different situations:

  • Days of Birth;
  • meetings from the hospital;
  • Transfer and excursions around the city for business partners, artists, etc.
  • graduation;
  • corporate parties, hen parties, stag parties
  • romantic events, in particular, offers hands and hearts
  • weddings;
  • photo, video, and more. other

Walking on a limousine is an unforgettable romance for two

On such days as March 8, February 14, Birthday, the offer of the hand and heart of the man try to make sure that their lady of the heart felt in the center of attention. Express your feelings an uncommon way to help rent a limousine in Kiev. So you immediately hit your soul mate, providing a chic presentation of a sea of ​​positive impressions and emotions. Corresponding evening mood will provide thematic decoration of the salon (flowers, hearts, toys, etc.), as well as music accompanying during the trip.

A trip on a limousine can become a whole celebration, or a part of it. Ride, you can stay in the most interesting places in Kiev for a romantic photo shoot, and then go to a restaurant. Arriving to an institution on a rented limousine you are guaranteed to get a spectacular appearance that will not leave indifferent the surrounding.

Corporate in a limousine – bright memories that will stay in your memory for a long time </ h2>
It does not matter if you work in a serious company or not, to celebrate the corporate and co-workers want to be fun to relieve stress from hard workdays. A full bar, heated seats, quality acoustics, karaoke system, large TV screens and other pleasant details will provide comfort and festive mood.

Rent a limousine for meetings of business partners – high status indicator

Limousine looks presentable and solid, so order a limousine in Kiev prefer to create a good impression among business partners. In a limousine, who has come a long way, man can fully relax and stretch his legs.

If you have a busy schedule, the driver of the car will meet the guests on his own and deliver it to the right place. In turn, accompanying the driver and not distracted by the control of the car, you can conduct a business or social conversation with the guests. Even hitting a traffic jam, guests will find what to do in this status car. The limousine transfer service will allow you to show a special attitude to business partners, emphasize their importance for you and pre-set for a complacent mood, which is important when business negotiations are scheduled.

Rent a limousine for a hen party, a bachelor party – we will meet the holiday cheerfully

The last thing you want is to turn the celebration of the end of premarital life into banal drinking. A bachelor party has a chance to become no less striking than the wedding itself, if its organization is deliberate and creative. The taxi will not be able to get all the friends, well, the bus will not create the appropriate festive mood. Unlike a limousine, which will cope with the above tasks. This transport is a mixture of a personal bar and a karaoke club, which will also present a tour of the city, with stunning views outside the windows.

Original meeting of the wife from the hospital on a limousine

The birth of a child is not just an important event, but the most significant thing that can happen in the life of any married couple. When discharging from the hospital, the man is overflowed with emotions of joy, which you want to express as brightly as possible. Arriving at the maternity hospital in a luxurious limousine, you will underscore the peculiarity of this day, heartily touch your beloved and provide the most comfortable and safe trip home to your loved ones. And balloons, bouquets of flowers, bright posters and other romantic attributes will be the final accents in the design of this event.

What to look for before ordering a limousine

To trip on a limousine brought only positive emotions, you need to decide in advance with:

  • number of passengers;
  • place of delivery and route;
  • duration of the lease.

All limousines are different and can accommodate a different number of people. To before the walk was not that part of your guests were left “overboard” be sure to specify when renting this issue. Classic models are designed for 8-10 people, in jeep versions such as Excalibur and Lincoln will be located with the comfort of 12-21 people, and limited models like Lamborghini and Ferrari will accommodate up to 6 people. The cost of rental in the first place is affected not by capacity, but by the status of the limousine.

Talk in advance with the managers of the company, the situation when trips are planned for the city. Also determine the length of the lease and the possibility of renewing the order. After all, it is possible that the holiday will be in full swing and you will want to continue it.

Speaking of a limousine, Hollywood films immediately come to mind, in which the stars of the first magnitude travel on luxury limousines. But at the present time this transport can not be called the prerogative of exceptionally wealthy and influential people. The service of renting a limousine with a driver is quite affordable for people and with a modest income. It is not necessary to see off a noisy company passing through the city, mistakenly believing that such a pleasure is an unattainable luxury. The cost of renting a limousine pleasantly pleases, and you can quite ride with a breeze in the metropolitan streets on a luxury car.

How to order a limousine in Kiev and the Kiev region?

You can order a beautiful and chic limousine in several ways:
1) Leave a request through the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible
2) Just call the number: +38 (063) 130 30 01