Hummer Mega H2

Price per hour
UAH 1900-2100 /Hour * Filing for FREE
Designed for 8 passengers
The length of the limousine is 8.5 m
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Rent in Kiev Mega Hummer H2 2014 г.в. in Kiev for a wedding walk anniversary new year

A new and exclusive limousine, 12 meters long, a summer platform, three axles, a side fifth door, a raised roof in the cabin (180 cm), chrome wheels. The excellent cabin is designed for 18 passengers. In the cabin of the limousine: a large plasma TV, Karaoke, DVD, LED show, smoke machine, electric doors to the summer area, three bars, four sofas, a disco floor, disco ceiling, fireballs 4 pcs, excellent climate control, all opening side windows. RENTAL PRICE: 1800-2000 UAH / hour. Departure outside the city limits is paid additionally in one direction at the rate of 25 UAH. km.

The wedding is a very exciting celebration for the newlyweds, the graduation is for the school graduates, the round date is for the jubilees, and, it is not worthwhile forgetting the car. After all, not everyone has their own car to come to the celebration. Limousine HUMMER MEGA H2 is a great option for you and guests. After all, any event, a wedding can not do without them. Rent such a version of the vehicle can be hourly, or for a day on the company’s website, by contact phone. Guests will be pleased if they rent on such a car.