Rent a car for a wedding

Auto for a wedding in Kiev – an integral element of wedding organization

Newlyweds on the day of marriage strive to look stunning. The success of the celebration depends on how thoroughly all the details are thought out. You need not only positive emotions, but also beautiful photos. And renting a wedding car plays an important role here.

It is difficult to imagine a wedding without a motorcade. It includes the main car of the young and the transport of guests. Of course, you can assign care for the movement of guests invited to them, but looks more stylish and harmonious when car rentals are combined with each other, with a consistent design. Correctly selected cars will make the trip comfortable and will become a visiting card of the holiday.

Rent a car for a wedding: what to look for? – Auto-Arenda recommendations </ p>
While looking for suitable variants of the car for the wedding, consider the following factors:

  • general stylistics of the celebration;
  • personal preferences of the couple;
  • budget.

The most popular cars for a wedding in Kiev

Limousines are the most popular in Kiev for classic celebrations. They come in different brands, sizes and accordingly with different number of places (up to 30). In a limousine, as a rule, there is a functional functional corresponding to a cheerful mood of the event: a mini-bar with champagne, lighting, a hatch, a TV, karaoke, etc. Renting a limousine for a wedding, you will feel like a vip person, smoothly dissecting the traffic flow into your most important life day. But even the most miniature limo is difficult to maneuver, and parking is difficult, so choosing a car for a wedding, think ahead of the route in order to avoid narrow travel.

Every chance of becoming a “highlight” of the day has a retro car. Rent a retro car is relevant for the celebration, held in the gangster, vintage and other styles. Such wedding cars are not just transport, but whole ages, nostalgia, which at the same time are an incredibly spectacular addition. Domestic and foreign cars are appropriate here.

Unobtrusively emphasize the exquisite taste of a married couple renting a car vip or business class. Modern, respectable transport is stuffed with the most advanced electronic stuffing and is able to offer the highest level of comfort.

Wedding in the style of military decorate SUVs. Rent a powerful jeep is not exactly a traditional solution for this celebration, but it is quite appropriate when the event or photo sessions take place outside the city in the Kiev region.

If the budget is limited, then an economy class car rental is suitable. Such cars do not have high comfort, but their rental does not fly into a round penny.

Wedding machines for guests

Do not forget about the guests. If there are not enough of them, then for a comfortable movement, a couple of minibuses Mercedes Benz Viano or Mercedes Benz Sprinter are enough. So relatives and friends invited to the wedding will be able to accompany the young people at all the main stages of the festive day.

Which color or type of car?

Most often the newlyweds prefer renting a car black, white or cream color. But there are amateurs to impress the public with a non-standard transport for a classical wedding gamut, for example, bright pink or chocolate.

An important nuance when ordering a car for a wedding is the body type. Closed machine creates a secluded, intimate atmosphere, protecting the groom from the bride from extraneous views. In turn, for those wishing to declare to the world about their new status, the best option is a cabriolet. But this is for cases when the festive promenade passes in good weather and in the warm season.

Why is it better to book a car for a wedding in Auto-Arenda?

It’s better not to order cars from acquaintances, but in special agencies of Kiev. Specialists of the company closely monitor the technical condition of their fleet, in time producing all the necessary repairs. In addition, a wide range of different models allows you to order a car for the wedding cortege, in which all cars are combined.

How to order a car for a wedding in Kiev and Kiev region in the company Auto-Arenda?

Order a beautiful and chic car for the wedding can be several options:
1) Leave a request through the site and we will get back to you as soon as possible
2) Just call the number: +38 (063) 130 30 01