Mercedes-Benz W221 White

Price per hour
700 UAH /Hour car delivery - 700 UAH
Price per day
from 7000 UAH /day for 10 hours
2100 UAH 1800 UAH - Zhulyany
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Rent a Mercedes w221 for a wedding with a driver

Mercedes S class w221 white color is the record holder for the service of wedding events, evening romantic dates and meeting the child from the hospital!

In the company Auto Arenda only the newest Mercedes cars are presented and in the maximum configuration:

  • 2 TVs

  • door and tailgate closers

  • panoramic roof (glass)

  • equipped with air suspension

  • curtains from all sides

  • massage

  • Night vision devices

  • only LONG car base (Long)

  • and only in a light-colored interior.

For cars of this type is the maximum control of paintwork, the integrity of the entire glass on the car, and complete care of the salon. The cars are serviced exclusively at the official Mercedes Benz station and are in perfect technical condition!

At present, our company can provide the highest class service and provide for rent 5 identical white Mercedes S class cars with a driver and provide the most beautiful wedding cortege. At wedding events drivers are dressed exclusively in a suit with a butterfly or tie.

We are always waiting for you, our dear newlyweds.

The most demanded car for wedding events is the Mercedes Benz W221 White. Comfortable salon of white leather, installed a good and perfect noise insulation, leaves the most pleasant memories. Photoshoots, walks around the city are a must, and you can get to the main neighborhoods on the Mercedes Benz W221 White. The cars are rented in an hourly and daily rent. To order, send your application to the website, and our manager will contact you, to regulate the details.

Premium car is a spectacular luxury car. Rent Mercedes Benz W221 White perfect for a prom, a colleague’s birthday, business trip, or just a desire to ride a comfortable transport. The white body with such an original leather interior looks very rich, and you will make an incredible effect from your appearance at any festival.

Rent a car business class Mercedes Benz W221 White can be ordered in different cases: from business meetings to all kinds of celebrations. Spectacular body, comfortable pleasant salon will give you pleasant emotions, and will have a proper impact on your interlocutors, colleagues, and just acquaintances.

Mercedes Benz W221 White – the most demanded car in the rental of Mercedes. A high level of comfort in the cabin, a modern security system, a spectacular appearance will make your choice in his favor. The vehicle is served along with the driver, and you can feel like an important person. An experienced driver, well-oriented in the city bustle, will deliver you on time.

The other half returned from a long trip? You want to meet her effectively, but do not know how? The transfer service for “Auto-Arenda” is exactly for you. Thanks to the timely ordering of the car, you will arrive at the airport without delay. And Mercedes Benz W221 White will delight your lover. A gentle white color, a cozy spacious interior, a powerful engine, a function of “climate control” will bring the meeting even more vivid moments.