Mercedes-Benz V-class

Price per hour
700 UAH /Hour +1 hour for car delivery
The cost of renting a V-class with a driver
Price per day
200$ /day when ordering for 1-3 days (WITHOUT DRIVER)
190 $ when ordering for 4-9 days
180 $ when ordering for 10-14 days
150 $ when ordering for 15-29 days
2000 $ - Security deposit
2800 UAH - Boryspil airport / 2100 UAH - Zhulyany airport
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Mercedes V-class rental with driver in Kiev

A comfortable 7-seat mobile office in 2016 of release.

Mercedes Benz V-Class is a unique minivan, from the Mercedes Benz brand. Equipped with an automatic climate system, ventilation and heated seats, lighting in the vicinity of the feet and doors. 7/6 passenger seats, salon black / beige – ideal conditions. During the trip you will be accompanied by an experienced driver who will take you, your guests to any place. Feel free to contact us. The rental price is 600 UAH per hour, or 6600 UAH per day.

The Mercedes car, due to its spaciousness, can be rented for a company of six people. You need to get to a place of rest or an event, use the services of a specialized company. A professional driver will deliver you without delay. The cleanliness of the cabin and the softness of the seats will allow you to enjoy the trip without discomfort. You will not feel any holes, because the damping system is ideal. The cabin has all the necessary accessories for comfort and safety.

Mercedes Benz V-Class with a capacity of up to 6 passengers, suitable for long distance trips. A driver with many years of experience, driving a car, will take him quickly to anywhere in the country. You can use the car at an affordable cost, only 600 hryvnia per hour with a pleasant bonus – an hour of free money. The time frame of the rental is chosen by the customer himself, it can be like an hour or ten. There is also a transfer service from the airport. Modern modifications will allow you to enjoy a trip on such a vehicle.