Audi A6 white

Price per hour
550 UAH /Hour +1 hour for car delivery *
Price per day
4400 UAH /day for 10 hours
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Rent a car business class Audi A6 white for the wedding.

Decorate your wedding event.

Audi A6 white is the perfect choice for a celebration! Renting it as a wedding cortege, you will have to forget about all the hassle associated with travel. A comfortable car will help you feel great, and a luxurious salon of white leather, will create even more festive, exalted mood. The main advantage of this vehicle is its compactness and presentability, because white color always remains in fashion. Drivers deliver car in time, newlyweds can be confident in punctuality, worthy service of the company, and excellent condition of the car!

You can rent Audi A6 white for business trips, as the car belongs to a series of business class. A high-speed maneuverable car will allow you to relax, thanks to comfortable soft seats and stylish interior trim. The latest technology, which he possesses, enhances the comfort of the driver and passengers when traveling. Travel safety is guaranteed.